Erik L Hansen – 5/20/19

Tracen Knowles has been to every practice every week, the boy can hit, and I have been teaching him something new every-time and he picks it up. I could let him just go for a lesson and not work on anything and he will crush the ball. We work on something new each time and while he is learning, may not crush the ball at our session, but the next one he comes back with everything we have worked on and continues to add to his game (he hasn’t struck out at all this season because of his hard work and dedication). If I just let him go and not work on anything, he would crush, but he understands that we are working on something new every-time and adding to his swing and works through mistakes because he understands the ultimate goal. It takes him a bit, but he works harder than anyone I have and with a “selling smile” on his face.