Payton Albertson

Payton Albertson – December 2019

Payton Albertson is a Sohpomore thrower at Weiser HS. Payton’s primary focus is centered around being a “complete pitcher” and on-ramping towards the spring season. He is a hi-ceiling athlete and fast becoming a student of the pitcher position. In baseball, hitting is about “timing”. Pitching is about disrupting that timing. Payton’s early comprehension of effective velocity concepts (what a hitter sees) sets him apart especially as a younger HS thrower. His metrics from our last formal FB Command bullpen were impressive at this point in the off-season (almost equal arm and glove side strike %’s with elevated as an opportunity). It is special when a thrower can chase their upward ceiling with determination and focus.


Kristen Suire

Kristen Suire – November 2019

Kristen Suire is a 16 year old student at Wood River High School in Hailey, ID. Kristen’s hard work and dedication alone are worth recognition. Twice a month, Kristen drives the two and a half hour drive to Play Deep Academy with her family for a two hour lesson with Tess Martin to continue to improve her hitting and catching skills. Week after week she’s focused, committed, and willing to do whatever it takes to grow as an athlete. She’s an absolute joy to coach, and we love seeing her at Play Deep Academy each month!

Meridian boy dies suddenly; baseball community rallies around his family

“Baseball and softball are loved by millions of kids. Recently, an 8-year-old Meridian boy with a deep passion for the game died from a congenital heart condition nobody knew he had.

His name is Oliver Burns, and he loved to practice at Play Deep Academy in Boise.

“He loved baseball — he was Mr. Baseball. They (fellow children) called him Ollie. Just a great little baseball player. He played second base and he just loved coming to the (batting) cages,” said David Haws, owner of Play Deep Academy.”

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